Are Jagex really reading forum

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Dilbert2001 said:
FiFiLaBumble said:

Any others - I am of the belief that the rare JMod posts are a result of someone else 'poking' them via Twitter, or Reddit, or in a FC. Not because they were browsing the RSOF themselves.

I don't think so. I have seen many Jmods commenting on topics in their chartered areas.

For instance, Mod Rowley on Player Owned Farm...

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I don't think anybody "poked" him via Twitter, Reddit or a FC. :)

Rest assured, I don't think any of these Jmods are going to comment on threads like "I am wrongfully banned for botting..." ;)


Lol, i got a surprising amount of Jmod posts over the last 41 months in many of my I was innocent threads :P

E- Which btw, i was 100% innocent and don't care what they say lol
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