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Thought this was necro bump and not a new topic ooo fresh.

The last wave took advantage of not a single jmod around since they had no one on the cm team around to click perma ban. It's sorta better atm with 1 around and purple ones as an addon compared to the old 0 around that posted once every like 3 months. They got to like an entire month without punishment so I hear ya on that it being stopped reliably part.

I agree history can repeat itself if people get annoyed enough to invite their friends back to spam the forums again. If the example of turning people against you part was that old topic I'm thinking of, that person was late to the game that commented and didn't know what was going on so I wouldn't take it to heart. They did realize their mistake and said oh its just drama then my bad if I remember right.

Wasn't offtopic pretty dead in general way way back before they had politics? I didn't frequent the section too much and it seemed like the same topics were page 1 when I glanced then. People wanted to spice up the section with more stuff to talk about so sounds like it would go back to a graveyard.

I think its been pretty tame lately so I think it can survive for a while as it is and can be left alone. I think it'd be unfair to just tug it away without even asking. I think at least it should remain quarantined to a sticky thread over removal.

I think they should ask the forum and have them post if they want it gone or remain if they were to go that route. People asked for it, see if enough have buyer's remorse. And if its a lot of throwaway accounts magically emerge to voice their opinion on said poll then I'd say your concerns are warranted to say farewell to it.

People will always be hotheaded with political discussions that's not going to change. That stuff in the links is a whole nother monster of dedicated chaos with bots and manipulating. Seen a lot of comment section bots.

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Well they'll have a functioning jmod this time for a future round hopefully...
Cause the cm team has been empty for like a year or so now

That'll hopefully hinder future attempts from getting as far.

I'd forsee alts waltzing in stirring crap being a problem.

I don't really mind the political talk as long as they don't hit youtube comments level angry of like profile stalking and attacking them in every thread. That hasn't seemed to happen so far with the regulars.

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Other sites don't have a large barrier for entry, twitters like email address, comment sections the same. Don't think those even have to be valid in some cases.

Here you need either level 350 or membership which is like what 10 bucks? So doubt people want to waste too much real money or 2 weeks of grinding in large masse compared to the bot farm campaigns the free to use sites have. So that'd be a slightly expensive or time gated trolling campaign for a long haul for forums. So hinders mass bot armies appearing.

Alt banning whackamole is usually the problem with raid attempts which is what happened ingame with friend chats. Public Fcs had like no defense other than shutting down. Forums are a little different since they have lil barriers to entry.

I've seen people forget to log into their alt before they tried to quote agree with themselves and get caught on other sites always a good laugh.

I think their political debates are workable as long as they don't start cursing out over actually debating politics. I don't mind letting them have their fun as long as it doesn't spread to outside the section or drives most of the people out of the section. With how abandoned the forums are I don't mind them having a reason to login and be motivated to.

08-Jul-2018 20:48:03

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