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This is the last straw. Too many times have I lost long-written, articulately crafted posts because of the crappy way that sign-on is managed on this site. I get logged out at least once every two hours, yet I am not informed until I go ahead and press the submit button.

THEN, I get redirected to the login page. So this is what needs to happen next and what would happen on any respectable site.

I log in, and it's posted.

But instead, I log in, and I'm looking at the thread, devoid of my 2000- character post. So I hit back a few times to go exactly to the point where I was writing my post. Nope, I'm looking at the thread again, out of edit mode. And, Oh, by the way!, still not logged in because it takes 3 times hitting the login button to actually enter through this mysterious portal that you guys call your Runescape fucking SSO. Except it doesn't even work like SSO because even if I'm logged into the client on the same computer I'm still not logged into the forums. These are basic things that you guys have not taken upon yourselves to do. Please get with the times.

Or honestly, take the advice in this subject and bring in a third party to manage the workings of the forums. These forums are messy, terrible to navigate, difficult to use, and hard to follow. Interesting and popular posts are often not visible. You have proven that you cannot do it yourselves and that you are too lazy to take players advice (obviously not talking about just myself); only the forum moderators (who I DEEPLY respect and should not be considered a part of this atrocity) are here to help, and they can only answer questions, not fix this mess.

Question, Billiebear: Then, why don't you draft posts in other editing tools
Answer: 1. Then why have the ability to enter text here at all? Limit it to 200 words for short responses and require that longer responses be attached as files.

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Wow, appreciate the support. But wait there's more to add!

- How can I log in, be forwarded to another page, and still not be logged in??
- How can I be logged in to one tab in the forums, but not another tab in the same window even after refreshing!?

As I was writing this post, I went to type in the entry box and somehow managed to leave this page and open up google chrome. Luckily, forward button returned me here. Jesus.

-Oh, and how did I JUST log in 5 minutes ago into my account to write this post and be logged out by the time I finished writing the post, with the result described above that I was forwarded to this forum with no trace of my post after I clicked "post". Thank god back button saved my this time. [Copy, try to log in 10 times [finally works], paste, gtfo this garbage system]

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Another complaint:

There is no "are you sure you want to leave without saving changes" if you have a 2,000-character post entered in the text box and you are attempting to leave the page.

Sure! Let's just drop everything because you're definitely being intentional about leaving; and besides, even if not, this post probably was garbage anyway!!

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Miu said:

First off, he's asking to bring in some more people or third parties to develop forum software. He said nothing about open source so idk where you got that from. Besides, jagex is already bringing in third parties in the form of local moderators to try and liven up the place.

Secondly... even if jagex did make these forums open source, I don't think anyone would want it...

Thanks for the response Louiellen, but more so thanks for this quoted clarification.

Yeah let me be more specific. I want to the software handed over 100% to a 3rd party. I don't want anything open-source related. It should be built by them from the ground up, because along with all of the issues I've laid out here, the forums are slow.

Thanks for taking issue with my complaints,

07-Jun-2018 02:47:53

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