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I don't actually use FMR, but Ive heard from a lot of forumers that they don't like how it works.

As with anything else, there can always be improvements made to make something better, and FMR wouldn't be an exception to this. However, I think it's great that such a system exists rather than none at all.

I have read some replies on FMR and I do see the point of the answers given, but I don't think it's meant to come across that way. But again, something can always be improved.

I did read the thread Kiara pointed out above about remaining anonymous as well. While this would not be visible to the player or F-Mod eye, it would be a nice touch if this was done too should the player request it.

Just my two cents and I shall be watching how this thread develops. :)
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13-Dec-2015 16:44:02

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