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Rising Two

Rising Two

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Good thread. The two moderators idea is really good, but if I may, I also have another idea:

An forum messaging system that anyone can use, basically like a RS email. The reason I suggest this here is because it would give a way for JMods for send someone a quick message explaining why they took the actions they did.

Even if just one JMod was doing it, a quick and to-the-point personal message saying "Hey, here's why I upheld the moderator's decision" would go a long way to making players feel better about the FMR thread.

I'm imaging a little "Message" option right under our names like

The Real


So if that were possible, it wouldn't be that hard for the JMods to do that, in my opinion.

But yeah, honestly whichever is easier for Jagex to do, maybe tasking two JMods at a time on the thread would be easier than actually changing the forums. One thing's for sure, it does need changed.

13-Dec-2015 14:28:07

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