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As far as I know, the same amount of time as the forum mute/ban lasts for.
Usually you get a message in your in-game Message Centre (I think, could be wrong).
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12-Jun-2018 16:47:20

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24hr I think although I was no longer playing when I got my strike I'll see if there is still a message or something on my account

nope nothing to indicate length

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I've locked the thread because this is, in essence, an ingame situation and, moreover, the posts have gone off topic to discuss people rather than a topic.

I'd like to quote Mod Infinity from the forum offences sticky in Community Home to clear up one comment that had been made:

Users who present themselves to be prolific, unforgiving or extreme rule breakers will receive formal forum strikes from Jagex. Forum strikes serve as a serious warning that the individuals conduct is not tolerated and will always result in a temporary in game mute being issued alongside a temporary forum mute.
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