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Im just creating this thread to let all existing runescape players know that the authenticator does NOT protect your account. I was recently hacked for 1.5b rs3 and 35m and they were able to access my account without disabling google account authenticator. Alot of you might be thinking that i do not have my account fully secure. However i am an over 10 year veteran and not once has had my account compromised in the last 5 years atleast. YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOT SECURE WITH AUTHENTICATOR. Please keep that in mind. The person who hacked me did find out my account email somehow. I have no idea how. but even so, they should not be able to gain access to my account just knowing my email. How did they log into my account and recover it with the authenticator activated. From my understanding you must de-activate authenticator before you can change account info. That is not the case here.
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29-Sep-2018 20:23:42

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