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I know this sounds crazy and at one time I have done just this.....
I have gone to other threads/posts that players have made and they have the QFC so it is clickable.
Or in clan recruiting posts they have see rules in post 2 and if you click on it it will take you to the set of rules.

How do I do this - as I have forgotten so much about the forums and the game to retain it all I would go in overload melt down mode.

Thanks for any advice and help

29-Aug-2018 17:50:18

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Quoting the post you want to link to would be the best way to get the post id needed for the QFC tag. Then remove the quote contents, and change quote to qfc.

So like your post here:

- Quoted and changed the contents to the linked text
[quote id=278-279-3-66039236-0-343440910]link text[/quote]

- Changed quote to qfc for the tag:
[qfc id=278-279-3-66039236-0-343440910]linked text[/qfc]

which would then make:
linked text
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