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If there’s a qfc for this please link me, I can’t see an rs officL post, I play rs3 but presume payments for osrs and rs3 are the same system. Given the recent news of rogue behaviour should we be concerned with card data being breached or did he not have access to those systems? Thanks for any and all help, cookies :)

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An Important Announcement

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Update 21/09/2018:

Further to yesterday's announcement, we can confirm that none of our players’ bank or card details were compromised. We work with an industry-respected, fully compliant third-party payment processor, to purposefully avoid staff having access to players’ full bank or card details. This also applies when players choose to save their details at payment stage for any future purchases. Jagex undergoes regular, third-party testing to ensure we maintain the highest security standards.
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vegancookies said:
Thanks, just seen there's a seperate news place for OSRS, so just seen that, being an rs3 player never seen any of the osrs stuff! :)

RS3 and OSRS use the same billing information.

And AFAIK, Jagex mentioned a 3rd party company they hired is responsible for the security of our personal billing information.

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