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Amen on the broken user counter no longer lying to people. People see only 6 active users online via said broken counter and they will be detered from posting. Yet the jmod data topic about forum use way back showed 1000s of unique users here.

Didn't mind the moving/renaming forum sections, though I did get some of the drama that ensued.

The mutual exclusive practice they have doing with the forums compared to reddit and twitter is just sad. Certain info will only be posted elsewhere than the forums, go to other sites you will see a different world of info/interaction presented to you. There's no excuse they can be online posting every other day on other sites yet never be present here for month stretches.

That's a reddit thread with a good bulk of the jmods reddit user profiles. Compare their profiles on there compared to here and you'll see a big difference in activity.

14-Jan-2019 20:47:12

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