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Eg, on top right you could have small written titles of the forum, once someone posts, it comes up there, and you can minimize the screen. That would have more activity in eg. skilling related or discontinued items forums. --A kid who has grown up.

16-Jul-2017 13:39:22

Motley Crue

Motley Crue

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Aside from the obvious technical limits of this request, it opens up too many venues for people to spam and be disruptive. Let's face it, one of the biggest reasons we lack activity is because people are too lazy to figure out the website and find/learn to use the forums. If we made it easy and there were ~60k players at any given time with access to the forums that conveniently, it could very easily turn into a shitshow. Not to mention the website would probably crash with that many requests to post threads/replies on the forums.
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18-Jul-2017 05:12:04



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Merging the forums into the game will make more people utilize the forums. Many games already have the forums integrated into the game. This also makes it more convenient as one can play the game and be on the forums at the same time. There would no need to use two programs running at once, one for the game and one for the forums.

If one thinks about it, after browsers dropped support Java, everyone has been using the client. Thus no one sees the big Forum button on the website. Now if one says there is forums mentioned in the client, I do know about that. However though, one starts the client to play the game, not to read what is in the lobby (as the same news stuff in the lobby can be seen in the game in the events tab/interface or another in play in game interface.

Thus, I think that many new players, probably do not know that there is a Runescape forum.

Now I am not saying to move the forums entirely in the game. The forums should be available on this website as well, since the forums are used also for customer support and unbanning requests. What I am trying to say is that, there should be an interface in the game that is ported to the the Runescape forums.

31-Jul-2018 18:28:35

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The concept seems pretty cool, I would say I am more in favor of some kind of notification system where you would be notified, either in game or a notification on Windows/MacOS, about when someone replies to a post, or mentions you, ect.

31-Jul-2018 21:57:38

FiFi LaJolie
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FiFi LaJolie

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Do you mean on the in-game screen?

I don't think I'd like that very much, my screen looks a bit cluttered already what with all the bits and bobs.

From a technical point of view it'd probably be a huge undertaking, timewise.
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01-Aug-2018 08:18:24

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