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At the time that the bump discussion posted by Jagex in November 2016 was posted, the general feedback that forumers had been posting was that they wanted less moderation, and this seemed to be getting harsh over an overall non-issue to most. That, and many of those involved in clans, PvM groups, Businesses & Services groups, and those that use the marketplace forums felt it was unnecessary and would harm their day-to-day operations.

One thing to consider with regards to bumps though is just because a thread appears to have run its course to a group of forumers, that doesn't mean the thread author feels it has run its course. For example, on a suggestion thread, a group of players may feel the thread has run its course but if the author still feels its a good suggestion, or provides good feedback, is there harm in them bumping the thread?

If a player feels there is still discussion value to a thread, telling them they cannot bump their thread usually does not go over very well. We saw that with threads in the past that were locked for gravebumping that had been bumped back up by their authors.

While at times bump posts may seem annoying, it personally isn't something I feel is worth clamping down on at this point.

21-May-2018 03:23:26

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