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Hex 0mega
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Hex 0mega

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Maybe now that the games have gone mobile, this is already being worked on but I just wanna throw it out there in case its not. The navigation of the website through mobile is just a nightmare... The buttons are tiny and you gotta zoom into them to even press the right one or press them at all in some cases. Sign in is right above the Play Game button, which should just be removed for the mobile site as you cannot play it with Java on a mobile device. One of the biggest things for me too right now and Idk whether its isolated to mobile, but the fact theres no "Stay logged in" checkbox for the site. It is beyond annoying to have to log back in whenever I close the browser and open it back up. Ultimately though, I've seen game sites that have a special mobile site optimization and the Runescape site is in dire need of that. "Everyone is limited to what's on their mind"

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16-Mar-2019 17:40:51

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