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Are there are any limits, restrictions, and rules when using the available endpoints of Jagex's API? I am specifically interested in the [link url=][/link] endpoint. I want to use it but also want to abide to any rules to prevent misuse or overloading Jagex's servers.

Things I could think of are stuff like rate limits, concurrent usage, etc.

12-Jun-2019 14:15:37

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Hopefully one of the WebDev JMods can respond to you with certainty but from a common sense approach, as long as you're not bombarding their APIs then you'll be fine.

I had a system I built linked to my Clan website (which I believe is still running). My DB contained about 60/70 users and periodically using a cronjob I'd fetch the stats of each user using the Hiscores API. I either did it every hour or every 30 minutes. So that's 60/70 calls (per user) every 30 or 60 minutes.

How often are you thinking of fetching the data and for how many users?

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13-Jun-2019 14:46:40

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CM Nick said:
I've pinged Jagex about this and they said they'd pass it on to the relevant team to take a look at!

Cheers :)

(They didn't)

Anyway! We have rate limiting on our API requests, information of which can change and thus we don't discuss (among other reasons).

As long as you're within those boundaries and not trying to game the system in some manner, the Jagex servers can cope and you're fine to proceed.
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17-Jun-2019 09:57:09

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