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Another JMod confirmed to me personally (though I won't name them since I dunno if they'd wanna put their stamp on this if they haven't publically) that those improvements are on their way soon. I offered my help with getting them up and running with Snap technology if they wanted some advice, but they haven't gotten to me on that yet.

Anyway, for Ubuntu, you can install the game via snap.

Run in the terminal

sudo snap install rslauncher

and all the problems magically disappear (bar you'll get my cool partyhat logo, but blame lawyers for that).

I really can't advise running the fix OP posted above, because it has several problems:

It installs insecure libraries into the system that will not be automatically removed when they are no longer needed, and they will be available to all apps by default.

It installs libcurl3 in such a manner that it conflicts with Libcurl4, meaning to install RuneScape you would have to potentially remove other programs people find useful (E.G, virtualbox)

It doesn't fix any issues with the audio buffering the game has, nor does it hide the launcher for you.

It doesn't provide any security improvement that the Snap/Flatpak systems can allow for by default on a wide variety of systems.

It doesn't accomodate none Ubuntu distros in any capacity.

And finally, it doesn't accomodate for OldSchool

Anyway, we'll see what Jagex releases with these upcoming promised patches, but I still think they could benefit hugely from adopting the newer distribution tech.

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Hi Matagui,

all I can really suggest is that the graphics drivers and kernel version you have are probably the single likeliest cause of issues with RS acting how it is. It's not impossible for the game to have a memory leak, but nothing suggests that this is a more common issue. If you're using NVidia cards, ensure you're using the proprietary driver (check the software sources tool in Ubuntu to get that up and running). Otherwise, it might be worth upgrading to 19.04 and trying to see if that gives you any improvements, 19.10 is also just around the corner and should be out on the 17th of October, this might improve your situation a lot also.

Generally speaking, the Snap enforces consistency of a lot of components RS would usually use from the host system by replacing them with it's own, so these components are pretty well tested and don't seem to have any issues. The bits outside of the snap that are fetched from the core OS are thus more likely to be the problem.

If you installed the original release of Ubuntu 18.04 and not one of the newer point releases (E.G, 18.04.3), you might benefit from running this in the terminal

sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04

which upgrades a lot of the core system libraries (kernel/graphics stack) to newer versions from the newer Ubuntu releases. This can substantially improve hardware support, but it's somewhat likely you already have these to begin with.

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