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I'm placing a lock on this thread, as the thread author is showing a lot of disrespect to both Jagex and fellow players for being too brash and harsh here in this thread.

The reality is if you wish to be 100% private, never use the Internet - all of us here are tracked, not only by state authorities but also by our own ISP. Our ISP itself knows who we are behind the keyboard, unless we deliberately use a VPN service or other anonymizing tool like TOR.

Like I said before, no one has the "delete" post command here in RSOF, just because we are using a more than a decade old forum software, which lacks that command. The RSOF will not change just because you want it to change through rude expressions, it takes more than that to initiate change.

As you wish to be totally anonymous, I'll give that and will hide all your post on this thread to 'respect' your wishes.

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