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Considering the lack of meaningful feedback on the forum, any worthwhile discussion could be placed on patch notes stickies instead, as well as announcements for the game updates themselves. All players posts are rants, off-topic, or for updates that can't be considered recent by any metric.

Recent updates forum should be deleted, or at the very least made so only Jmods can make new threads.
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18-Sep-2019 23:00:11

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Or rename it to Rants II.

I get what you mean as on Update days it's not a nice place to visit. Yet Jagex do visit and filter out the good constructive comments out of the bad. Jagex still get a lot of info from said section so I doubt very much if anything will change.
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19-Sep-2019 10:04:42

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I really don't like how they use basically 3 different forums for news announcements now. It was so much better when it was all in one place.

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19-Sep-2019 16:31:08

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