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A lot of players come on to the forums to share suggestions they have for in game or on the website. A lot of players also come on to the forums to voice their opinion on these suggestions.

What I would like to see is a support and no support button that will appear at the top of the first post next to the left of the reply button. This support and no support button will only be available on forums where suggestions can be made. It will not appear anywhere else like Generals and Off Topics.

Between the Support/No Support and Reply buttons will be the stats. This will show you what percentage of players support the idea and what percentage of players don't support the idea. It will also show a list off all those who support the it and all those who don't.

Here is what this will look like.

As you can see the vote buttons along with the amount of players and percentage of players that supported or didn't support the idea will appear at the top.

Clicking on one of the vote buttons will cast your vote as either a support or a no support depending on which button you clicked on.

You can also view the list of players who either supported the idea or didn't support the idea by clicking on the percentage bar. It will bring up a page that looks like this.

(It will have the name of your suggestion at the top. I just didn't think of adding it to the picture when I created it.)

I feel this will allow us to see just how many players support or don't support a suggestion. It will also allow Jagex to better understand if your suggestion is something the players want. Of course a lot of players would have to support the idea for Jagex to consider it.
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We had this with RuneLabs, but of course that part of the website was discontinued due to a lack of usage. I could see a no/support feature working better on the forums where as well as simply supporting, you can actually discuss improvements and changes to the original idea OP is suggesting. You couldn't do that on RL.

It's a fair enough idea, but how often do Jagex actually take suggestions from these forums for updates, anyway? Most little things, like ninja fixes, are changed, but that's because the ninjas check those forums and reddit (mostly the latter). Other suggestions on the forums are bug fixes, which would be actioned quicker if people submitted bug reports. And as for actual new content, well, unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen something from New Game Content - Suggestions added to the game and credit given to the player whose idea it was. :/

As pessimistic as that all sounds, I still support the idea.
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The 2nd pic would be nice and save people the support list copying and having to edit to add 50 times.

I'm fine with the poll thing think it would be good for the suggestions section. Poll rigging is prolly the only downside but doubt the people left care that much to pull it off.

01-Oct-2017 00:55:36

Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I hae seen support lists/buttons on other websites and it worked well and players still enjoyed commenting on topic which is what you want.

I think this would work well in certain forums, not for the whole Website.

Support for this to be available in certain forums.
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