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Kong Karma
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Kong Karma

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Hi all,

Since today, Runescape Forum Images seem to no longer work. All links on the forum linking to an image or gif from imgur are broken, giving the following error:

Image not found - please make sure the image exists on imgur and the tag is used correctly. e.g. [example.jpg]

One example of the gif's I use myself for my recruitment thread:

Could this be looked into?

Kong Karma
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Hi Kong Karma,

Thank's for letting us know. I will have it looked into!
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07-Jul-2018 22:25:18

Mega Duck
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Mega Duck

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If there are images that you need to see, you can quote a persons post containing the broken picture, copy the extension out of the imgur code and paste it on the end of

Your gif:

It's a bit of a mess around, but it works and will have to do until this is fixed. :P

09-Jul-2018 14:57:28

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