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Hello Infernix

I'm posting here as it's your thread and I hope you will revisit it and see this post.

You have, of late, been posting in ... purple? I don't know it's actual title. You say above that it's easy to read in your forum configuration.

For me, it is not at all easy to read, in fact it is harsh and rather jarring. It may be that I perceive colour differently from you, or others. Or my monitor puts it across differently. Or your set-up is somehow different from my own.

Whatever the reason, the colour is almost physically painful to read. There is at the moment a thread in this forum where people are concerned about the use, just lately, of posts all made in one colour or another. The opinion seems to be (albeit a small sample group) is that people posting all in a colour which the majority find unpleasant to look at are doing it deliberately to disrupt, or troll, other forum users.

I'm not saying that this is so in your case. You may be entirely unaware that other some/all forum users are experiencing your colour choice in an unpleasant way.

So essentially this post is to let you know that what may appear awesome or very nice to you, may be an unpleasant experience for others. Which is why most people choose to post in just plain old white, probably, and save the colours for making an emphasis on a word or phrase, or for other occasional use.

What you choose to do with this information will be interesting :)
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