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10 minutes between bumps less than that and it is spam

this is based on experience in the clan recruitment section where people would bump less than that to keep at the top of the page and as such fmods would tell them to stop

Personally if somebody is prepared to bump a thread at that rate despite the thread clearly not been of interest to forumers then they're fine to do that or bump it despite it being on the first page again they're allowed to do that but they'll be laughed at by the rest of the regulars which should be enough to make any issue you have bearable

Like that guy who was being a "try hard" in general a couple of years ago bumping his thread while it still being on the first page don't know who he was trying to impress well I do...

Obviously a fmod could decide to lock it for spam or their being no discussion or x reason if they really wanted to as I've seen it done.

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