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FiFiLaBumble said:
I know why you made this thread and I can see where it's heading. Don't do it to yourself Dong.

I agree with this, even though we don't get along, it is painful seeing you self destuct, please take a chill pill and calm down before we lose you forever.

I tried to add you to have a chat about what is happening but you are showing offline so i just thought i'd say what i wanted to say here before it was too late.
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12-Jun-2018 18:20:37

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Dong U Dead said:
What if you can tell it's spam bumping and not bumping for the good of the thread <- is this within the rules?

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that spam is against the rules of pretty much every forum out there on the internet, so if you see actual spam, then you probably want to report it to forum help if it bothers you so. But before you rush into conclusions, you might want to consider that seeing a big amount of bump posts doesn't necessarily mean it's spam. For example, the little time stamp below each post can give quite a lot of information, if analyzed properly (if you catch my subtle hint here). > )
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12-Jun-2018 19:06:52

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