100 quest point req for forums

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Dong U Dead said:
You get all types of trolls in these forums - f2p, members, long time forum users, popular, not so popular, one of users, alts etc - what one person may call a troll another might not.

No support.
You're right D. There's trolls all over the internet and restricting the forums doesn't get rid of them. It's just a band aid suggestion that slows their return for a while, then its back in business all while potentially hurting more legitimate players seeking use of the forums.
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27-Sep-2018 03:43:56



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I think the biggest issue with these kind of reqs is it unfairly biases certain types of players.

Have an important fc character that you don't want any stats on? Even if it's an old account, still need to either get that total level or get membership to post.

A quest point would unfairly favor people that enjoy questing. What if the forums had a pking requirement?

Skill level is probably the best one since it encompasses a large number of playstyles, but even that doesn't account for everybody.

You could have 0 xp in all skills, 200m xp in one skill, and still not be allowed on the forums. (I think) Is that fair, compared to someone who has a couple thousand xp across several skills, getting them into the forums?

I think yeah there needs to be a way to stop the flow of alts but if it impedes legitimate users, like the quest point req would, I can't support it.
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27-Sep-2018 16:49:01

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