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I think that's true Dong for the handful of ones whose post history show lots of hidden posts in every other topic and yet on they roll. Even if banned they'll just be back in a week or month on an alt anyways. I really wish the lvl 350 req applied to member accounts as well; not that it would matter after a month as they get their new 20m for a bond.

As funny as those bad apples can be at times their antics get stale. An ignore feature would be nice to end the drama since like ingame don't want to put up with their crap put ignore on. Here you are forced to watch others bite the bait and see them playing puppet show.

I've seen enough people try to report disagreeing as trolling and simple dissent, so I don't agree with being more forceful with negativity. Just stop giving people attention and the red meat they crave ( a reaction to their taunts) and they will get bored and move on.

The old ways sucked not being able to link to youtube and wikia was ridiculous and got in the way of talking about the game. I disliked the whole nuking an entire topic with a lock and hide cause of a curse word. The way forum help ran was a joke taunt people and report every reply and the repliers got in trouble. I much prefer the new ways.

06-Dec-2018 19:46:47



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Gets hard to ignore if the page gets clogged with 1 or 2 full hidden pages of posts obstructing a threads flow. We have no choice but to bear witness with a lack of any ignore features.

Wish the
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was condensed into some small thing. Reddit you have to click the nesting doll plus sign to see that crap, here too bad. Really wish they could smush hidden posts down into a button you can click such as expand or w/e.

13-Dec-2018 01:09:44

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