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The problem with the lax moderation is as follows.

1. Ban evasion. Bans are rarely given out. When they are, it's incredibly easy to ban evade. Someone has made a thread asking to remove the f2ps from the forum, that's how bad this problem has gotten. Since bans are rare, and ban evasion makes the bans negligible, there's practically zero punishment here unless you deliberately go out of the way to get permabanned from the forums.

2. Forum stagnation caused by trolls. A few users make almost exclusively irritating flamebait posts. Most veteran forum users are aware of these users and find them harmless. However, imagine it being your first time on the forum, you make some feedback or suggestion thread, and the only person to comment is asking something deliberately irritating or obtuse, or disagreeing with the idea for no reason. Constructive criticism towards suggestions can be helpful. A bunch of "^this, no support" isn't.

This behavior actively pushes away new users. Old users watching new users get trolled out of the forums can hardly do anything because these users aren't banned, and bans are easily evaded. As long as intentionally disruptive posters serve as the welcoming committee for new forumers, the forums will never grow, unless a new troll decides to skirt the rules and join in the fun.

Note that this is in regards to lax MODERATION, not lax rules. When rules are lax, when those few rules still around are broken, it makes more sense to punish. When rules are strict, moderation shouldn't be harsh except in extreme circumstances. With how open the forums are now, repeatedly breaking the rules is unacceptable.
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Jack Flac

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Look. It's not hard to stay within the surrent rules. It wasn't that hard to stay within the previous rules either.

I've had all of two threads locked by moderators in all the time I've spent here. One was a satiracal thread poking fun at the bot posts. I knew it was spam, the mods knew it was spam, I was just bored that day and felt like having a little fun. Knew full well it would be locked.

The other one, which I will not go into detail about here, I will just say that to this day I will still contest it's reasons for it being closed. Yeah the Jmod sided with the Fmod, but that Jmod had already shown herself to be biased as hell, and was trying to find some loophole to close down another one of my threads because she personally didn't like the content, even though the thread itself was perfectly within the rules, and she herself admitted so. This mod had also been shown to be more than a little crazy in her other actions as well.

But yeah, if someone has a problem where the mods are constantly having to lock and/or hide their threads and posts, then there is something that needs to be looked at there. Because it is really not that hard to be within the rules, and that kind of behaviour shows that they likely have no real regard for the rules or desire to learn from their actions.
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The rules are pretty clear. It's the lax moderation. I report someone multiple times and the post is hidden. Same issue occurs minutes later by the same person. I mean it's like you have a flu shot but instead of giving it to people you just keep dispensing cough drops. I guess it looks good on your track record but the rest of us are not amused. bring back the lumbridge pig pit

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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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Even selected posts get hidden, you get several posts in a row, neither of them any better or worse than the other, a moderator will come in and choose posts to hide and name and shame, leaving certain forumers alone. Shocking!

There is also one set of rules for this person and another set for that person.

I have been banned heaps and a majority of it's for fighting against this or stuff similar to this post/thread. I haven't been perfect, but it amazing how many people who have had there arses saved because of who they are.
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Draco Burnz
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J Seinfeld said:
Just delete the forums. They're the laughing stock of the online gaming community. Always have been, always will be.

Yet you choose to be apart of such community?...

So you must have some good feelings towards it.
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We can all agree the Forum Rules today are much better then they were say 5-10 years ago.

The rules today give everyone more freedom and this has to be good for the community.

The down side is people cross a line to cause issues. This can be reported to Forum Help and it often does get reported. You must understand though the rules are relaxed thus it takes a hell of a lot to get a mute these days. It's the way it should be too. Nothing worse then making a post to get a mute for a few days over something trivial.

The rules are not everyones cup of tea. Many think the rules are too light. I have to disagree with that assumption and say the rules are just right now as we are in 2018. I still have the Code of Conduct and Rules from 2005 (I'll post it 1 day) and you would be amazed what you got a ban for back then. Trully amazed.

You have to remember people use these forums from all over the World. I may find something offensive and in another part of the World it's fine. Or the other way around.

You also have to think if I post back will it cause issues. Or if I ignore it will it be better. Ignore is a great tool and under used. If you post back to someone who baited you then they win. They got you hook line and sinker. But if you ignored them you win. It's well worth ignoring something because it bugged you. Trust me it does work.

Sorry to keep going over old ground but it does need saying again.
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I think ignoring people is a terrible thing for fmods to suggest. On this forum you only get 10 posts per page and there are people who will post multiple posts in a row baiting a reply and then reply to every single post as much as possible. To the point that they are the majority poster in a thread, consistently always negative and against the thread even if it contradicts another thread where they say the exact opposite. Your thread becomes impossible to navigate without seeing the same negative personalities who are routinely having their posts hidden and reported to the forum help thread. The attitude that we should just ignore these just strikes me as laziness by forum moderators or incapability to do the right thing. The idea that you can make an account and every single post be intended to bait and post disagreement with no actual contribution (otherwise known as a useless post) and then selectively choose things to bait every person possible and receive no ban after thousands of posts over the course of years is honestly dumb and you should personally feel bad for allowing it to happen. Then when a personality finally goes too far to warrant a ban, they purchase membership on a new account to continue the ordeal, and you refuse to ban them or increase the punishment. Or when that one gets banned they rinse and repeat until you stop banning. Like give me a break, you guys must be living in some alternate universe where this actually makes sense to you. bring back the lumbridge pig pit

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