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So the companion has only been gone for a couple of days, but I really do miss it. I bet I ain't the only one either.

Since I don't spend a massive amount of time playing, the app was really handy for using Grand exchange, so that when I logged in to play, I could actually focus on doing things I wanted, instead of spending half of the time running to Grand exchange getting stuff I need.

I realize RS mobile is coming, but if it doesn't have a separate option for Grand exchange, similar to the companion, it's of no use to me. I, like many others, have an old phone with a bad battery, that just can't handle playing Runescape. So please, make the RS mobile have a separate Grand exchange feature, or bring back the companion.

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06-Feb-2019 10:53:28

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I really want this too, but not just for GE. When I make new friends in game, then need to leave (cooking, TV, reading a good book) I don't want to log into OSRS just to keep the convo going. If they want to promote the community side of RS, they'd put more effort into an app that keeps their community connected. Blizzard seemed to think this was a good idea. They have two apps, in fact: Blizzard authenticator, and Blizzard app.

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No support, we've RuneScape (beta) on the mobile and Old School RuneScape for the mobile phone, thats much better.
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04-Jun-2019 11:51:10

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I do actually support this, even with the full game on mobile.

The companion app offered a lightweight solution to chat and management of grand exchange offers without going fully in-game. Not to mention the notifications recieved upon completion of a grand exchange offer.

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04-Jun-2019 13:54:59

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Rs3 Mobile will hopefully be worth the wait. Tho I would support another companion based app. The reason it got removed if I remember correctly was the lack of updates to it.

With how they have metrics though, I would love to have a companion app that also utilizes that. But as for checking GE on the go, this would bring more players to use it.

Could use some sort of payment wall if need be to show incentive of the community wanting it. Should they actually take a look into it.

Another reason for wanting a lower tier interface such as a companion app is the data usage. Some players would rather have an application that taxes their data less than running a full game sending and receiving data.

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Let's resolve some misconceptions here.

The RuneScape Companion App was a stripped down version of the HTML5 client.
Compared to the RuneScape Mobile App sitting in the game lobby, it both uses more data and is more CPU-intensive.
It cost additional development time to upkeep the HTML5 engine with every change to the game.

Instead I believe you should be asking for the following:
1. A more mobile-friendly lobby menu
2. Access to the GE via the game lobby
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