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Dong U Dead

Dong U Dead

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I wish few of the more ruder moderators had the same manners as our LMods in addressing our threads/posts - you'd get less backlash posts/threads.

If we are rude to a moderator we are responded to by a moderator, the other way round nothing happens, it just gets left. Moderation review won't do nothing, they have more important things to deal with. It's sad a few moderators can be rude with their responses even though there is no need to.
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24-Aug-2019 21:22:21

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Rude is subjective and not always unwarranted. This thread could be considered rude since it's calling out probably 3-5 specific people but skirts around the naming and shaming rules. But frankly, the LMods have an actual contractual obligation to be polite, the FMods only have an agreement with Jagex to be courteous. There's an absolute difference between an LMod being polite to have a career to feed themselves and provide for families and an FMod doing unpaid cleanup work.

If anything, I think a lot of the mods could do with being ruder. There's absolutely people who need telling off at times and sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

The FMR thread doesn't go unchecked at all, you can see all the times Lee has viewed it in the past few years. There's some aspects of the forums I don't agree with, such as moving threads to underpopulated subs and thus effectively guaranteeing them a death sentence, but I've never seen an FMod be rude IMO.

24-Aug-2019 21:54:45

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Just don't post on the same threads as them then and ignore them elsewhere on the forums. You may not like it, but Fmods run the forum and the same rude people you're referring to have probably been mods for years and exhibited the same behavior without any consequence. Why even bother with them? Most of them don't post outside of certain threads except to moderate content.

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I never found any Fmods or Lmods rude, although one or two might be rude on their alt accounts.

Anyway, I really don't care if the mods are rude because I don't argue with mods. I always follow the FH and FHR procedures. I just hope they are consistent. That's all I ask for. :)

25-Aug-2019 01:59:13

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Fmods behaving in a patronising or condescending manner is pretty much a feature of the forums. Complaints about this used to pop up on Reddit every now and then, and whenever it occurred, it'd be brushed off by Fmods and other RSOF users as "Oh look, Reddit users bitching about nothing again."

I'm perplexed that Dong, being someone who has used the forums since 2011, is unaware of this issue until now.
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