Warnings vs Bans

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I don't think folks meants when asking for rule relaxations to mean please let people derail and flame 100 times with only a warning. I have seen a handful of users have entire pages of hidden posts in 1 topic. And those users tend to have several hidden posts in just about every topic they post in, by glancing at their post history. Usually for the same violation too.

The way forum help was ran was a joke, people would taunt then report every reply yet nothing would happen to that firestarter after their 50th hidden post that month. They managed to fix that issue, I see bait attempts turned away now. You cannot report a fight you started go away etc.

I'm fine with leniency to people losing their cool a little bit cause they eventually calm down and stop doing it. I think some leniency was a good idea. But I don't think the relaxation should apply to people that constantly derail,flame every week in every other topic. They should change the policy towards consistent trolling, add more teeth to stopping that.

I wouldn't care if we had an ignore list or hidden posts were less visible. But sadly I am forced to sift through those hidden posts and some pages are wasted cause of it.

15-Mar-2019 18:44:59

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