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Maybe they could add post numbers to each post that way they don't have to refer to you by name and they can keep their privacy.

FMR currently is like @bob91902 blah blah , @james1421 ok noted, etc.
Instead it could go post #38 blah blah, post #39 ok noted, etc.

Forum help would be able to follow the same thing I suppose. Post #53 you want the title changed to x? instead of @steve2353 you want the title changed to x?

They'd have to find a way for fmods to be able to see for forum help posts like the others said if they went auto hidden. Permissions issues.

I do agree on anonymity for reporting. I dislike others being able to see your name as you report. People actually comment on others reports at times sometimes the ones they are reporting too. I think it should be an anoymous system to stop backlash and drama.

14-Aug-2018 21:47:35

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