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08-Sep-2018 10:35:11

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08-Sep-2018 12:25:59

Ms Toxicity
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This thread is discussing the closure and removal of the RuneScape Classic forums. Some recent posts, that were discussing how others had posted, are off topic and have been removed.

Please discuss the topic, rather than how another has posted. If you feel that the conduct of a player in this thread is cause for concern, please report the matter to the Forum Help V2 sticky thread and let the Forum Moderator team handle the situation.

Back on topic, please.

08-Sep-2018 16:40:19

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Draco Burnz said:
333333333 said:
We don't need it anymore!


As Classic is no longer around, theres no need for the forums to be either.

Exactly, and no point for anybody to continue crying for Jagex games/forums in the past to be reinstated, or else everybody can just cry bring back Funorb/Darkscape., put the Dungeoneering/Bonds forums back, etc etc etc.

These kinds of crying over split milk threads should have no reason to keep popping up over and over again in the forums to begin.

09-Sep-2018 19:37:32



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Luis12345LTS said:
"You know RSC and the forums were closed almost a month ago, right?" Yes and whats the point, it could have been handled better.

"If OP or somebody else cared so much about the forums" - There was concerns expressed to know what would happen to the forums, unanswered. How could an extension to grace period be requested when it wasn't even announced?

"they could and should have expressed their opinions kindly like that streamer who requested " - That is only one part of the equation, there's also he is a somewhat popular figure or had some influence, but won't touch on that subject

"The fact that nobody cared about the RSC forums" - simply inaccurate

"I bet Jagex have many more priorities" - Yes, trying to make up for mistakes they do (some pointed out on the several threads) doesn't appear to be one of them.
Agreed. As per usual, Jagex's communication skills are lacking.
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