OSRS wikia majorly screwed up

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For those asking about bad content on the old Wikia sites; we no longer have control over that site's content. Please make sure to use the official wiki located here:

Fandom have removed the administrator privileges of the Wiki team from the Wikia platform, meaning it's now up to the employees at Fandom to do things like bans, lock off editing, etc.

The Wiki team still have control over the brand new Wiki that's linked throughout the RuneScape webpages.

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Twizzlero said:
You might want to check your OSRS wikia. It's majorly screwed up right now.

Jagex does not control nor have any say in the content of the Wikia site. and are the new "associated" wiki's that we support.

As has been mentioned, if you have issues with the old site I'd suggest that you contact Fandom.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify this morning, we do not control the content on any of the wiki sites. Whether that's the old Wikia versions, or If you have issues with the content posting in here will do nothing. You will need to get in touch with the Wiki admin staff.
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they won't even let me delete my account after i created it to comment on something and realized they wont let me comment. I dont want to be part of their community anymore but they trapped me in so they can say they have another user. Sounds good to advertisers

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