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I remember awhile ago at the end of every Monday's update there was a link to a forum discussion. I would read this thread to get other people's opinions on the recent update.

Same thing holds true for behind the scenes the month ahead. For March 2019's behind the scenes there is no such thread, how come we don't have this anymore? I want to get people's thoughts on the upcoming month, but this clearly won't happen.

03-Mar-2019 00:16:55

Magic Pengel
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Magic Pengel

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More players visit RGU and FGU. News Discussion becomes an archive, imo.

Not saying I agree with it, but if you're looking for discussion on the updates asap, Twitter or Reddit would probably be your best bet.
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03-Mar-2019 05:11:11

Jack Flac

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Something something too much effort required to make a forum post something something.

Bassicaly what we got from them. Standard bullshit excuse we get regarding any interaction from them on this place.
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Would love to have news discussions on the forums.
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03-Mar-2019 05:53:45

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