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I was watching the stream for the first time and it says double exp and i thought that was a thing in tell i logged back in and you took all my stuff and i want my stuff back since i worked really hard for that not cool at all

12-Oct-2018 23:27:05

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12-Oct-2018 23:45:32

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Draco Burnz said:
Immortalized said:
i reread and i still thinking what...

Then I dont know what to say.

OP, those are clearly phishing streams and shouldnt be trusted.

Jagex never tells ppl to go to dodgy websites to activate dxp.

Only clear to those who know, you know, i know, he knows, she knows but there was one time "although you maybe never fell for it" that you did not know, the site they are taken to is basically Runescapes homepage with maybe a few small un-noticable changes, "i would notice, you would notice, he would notice and she would notice" but to some, they don't notice, call them silly, call them naive, call them stupid if you want, but i can guarantee that at some point of your very early days, you could of easily fell for that type of thing, i did, yes, the mighty Scouse, fell for a phish one day, i lost about 100m gp, bgs and full bandos, what happened all felt so real right up to after the guy said....

Log out mate and meet me in w25, i did this and upon trying to log in, i immediately knew i'd just been haxed lol.

Yer i felt stupid, i felt violated but the one thing it actually did do is..

Teach me a valuable lesson.

These guys falling for these scams are just learning those lessons, help them instead of telling them basically how stupid they are for falling for it mate.

Much love

Scouse - Yes, phished in 2008
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13-Oct-2018 01:29:40

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