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I've login troubles on the RuneScape website, when I'm logged in and posting on the forums I sometimes get logged out; after this I'm not able to login. I have to go to the homepage and login from there and that also takes 3 or even more times.

I already deleted my cookies and cleared the cache but this isn't working. Not trying another browser, because Firefox is good.
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20-Apr-2019 21:00:16

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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I've noticed that this happens when I have multiple tabs open, for example, one of the forums, and another of say Rune Metrics or Account Settings.

Here's what I do that generally reproduces the issue you're experiencing.

1. Tab #1 is open, logged into the forums, posting.
2. Tab #2 is open, I click on Account, then I login.
3. I return to Tab #1 to post something, only to find that I'm now logged out after the page refreshes. - (When I try to log back in, it doesn't let me until I return back to the Homepage and try again.)

Doing this will log you out in the other tab(s), probably for security reasons.

Not sure if this is exactly the same thing that you're experiencing, but if it is, I don't think there's a workaround to it.
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20-Apr-2019 21:08:49

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The issue as Brandon explained above would be related to changes in your session variable. If you open a new tab in the same session, you will be fine until you do something in one of the tabs that requires re-authentication. Upon that action, the session variable changes to the newest (most recent tab you authenticated in), and you will be effectively logged out of your other tabs.

If you're not having the issue with multiple tabs, my other suggestion would be to make sure you're not timing out. For instance, if you load up a thread to read while playing the game and don't, at the very least, change pages - you will become idle in that session which will expire after some time and you will be required to re-authenticate.

With that in mind, my question would be - what is the average length of time it takes for this to happen? Or, more specifically, roughly how long is it from the time you click something and find you're logged out back to the last time you clicked something?

If you click a thread to read it and only 20 seconds later you hit "Reply" and find you're logged out and haven't done anything in any other tabs, then this kind of thing really shouldn't happen.

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21-Apr-2019 05:11:32

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