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I am suggesting that the teamwork section be filtered to removed the Dungeoneering floor services, the (insert boss here) leech, and other similar types of posts so that it can remain a place to post when searching for help in activities such as GWD, Elite Dungs, and other group activites.

now, i'm not saying that they need to be deleted entirely, instead they should have their own sub section below Teamwork and it could be called Services Market, this would now contain all of the threads and service providers into one section and there could be a pinned post at the top with rules and suggestions on how to organize posts (like all other sections of the forums)

I believe that this would bring some life back to the teamwork forum, enable the ls and cs chats to finally get back onto the front page of the forum, and most importantly free up some of the posts for individual players in search of help for specific activities.

let me know if you hate, support, or have suggestions for the idea, i'm just hoping to see some more team work posts that aren't only selling dungeon floors or leeching bosses for mils per kill

11-Sep-2018 04:13:59

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