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So I recently completed the "Guide the future of Runescape" survey that was posted on the main website, and I gotta say: That was one of the safest, least impactful, arguably totally pointless surveys I have ever done. There was no point in the entirety of filling it out that I felt like the information I was giving Jagex would be remotely useful. I had to go out of my way to make any mentions of the continued imbalances between free players and members, and none of the content that was actually Runescape related will ever be accessible to me as a free player which completely invalidated my input on the subjects...

What is even the point of handing out these kinds of surveys? Why does it matter to Jagex that the thing I spend the least amount of time doing in my free time is watching TV? This whole thing felt like a complete waste of time.

My advice is that the next time Jagex wants to give us a survey, they need to let us respond in our own words completely and totally. Give us like 3 questions relevant to the game and let us speak our minds. This nonsense was just a complete waste... :O :@
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06-Oct-2018 23:30:47

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Hey there,

I understand that some of the information asked in the survey seems irrelevant and, to us individually, it probably is. These types of surveys for market research help Jagex better understand their audience as a whole and further realize the habits of them. I'm not a market researcher, but I know companies are always trying to get a better understanding of their customers... the better a company knows the customer, the easier they can deliver a product that appeals to more of the consumer base/audience.

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07-Oct-2018 04:27:32

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The survey was created and written by someone we've hired specifically for this purpose. As Spearmint30 mentioned, while it might not be immediately clear to you - they've got several years experience in this field and knows what they're doing.

I'm sure he'll appreciate the feedback but it wasn't like a content developer sat down and said "Right, time to write a survey..."
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08-Oct-2018 11:22:37

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