OSRS Misplaced threads in RS3

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2_Tron said:
Some ... , I mean 'some' of the misplaced threads could have been posted as 'BAIT' for quite a number of WBM's who have spoiled The RSOF for years taking the friendly atmosphere down, down to become a graveyard.
And indeed many of these WBM's do bite every single moment something could have been classified as out of synch with how they (WBM's) they like The RSOF to be, should be in their point of view.

Maybe it is time to round up a great deal of these WBM's who are also busy in OSRS Forums and move them out of the door. ;););)

I don't pay much attention to OSRS Forums but are those "WBM's" talking about RS3 in he OSRS forums? If so, they are also under the same reporting guidance as described by Tuffy and Lyon. However, if they are just WBM talking about OSRS in OSRS forums, I think you are barking up the wrong tree because all players have equal rights to talk about OSRS in the OSRS forums, WBM's or not. ;)

11-Sep-2018 16:17:41

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