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Clan is increasing our requirements to join, so our current thread title is misleading. The one other time I did this there was a thread to post in but now its locked. Can someone direct me on where to go, or if by chance the right people see it here is the needed information:
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Thread title:†‡Vindictive Agents‡† PVM 110+
Page: this is for a thread title change
Post: thread title change
Summary of issue: we want to switch the title to meet our clan requirements to join, this should be permanent since we are a pvm clan, our total level req might change but that doesn't go in our title, please change it to:

†‡Vindictive Agents‡† PVM 120+
Vindictive Agents
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10-Jul-2018 00:35:36

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The place to request this is in Community Home in the Forum Help V2. thread.
However, I will change your title based on the information you have given here.
In the future, though, please use Forum Help =D Thanks!
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10-Jul-2018 00:56:54

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