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Welcome to the Libra official thread

Libra (Latin for Balance) is a clan founded on the principles of justice, fairness and Balance - as set forth by Guthix. We are a social clan who host regular in game events, from PvM through to skilling.

There are no entry requirements for joining Libra, we only ask that you contribute to our citadel, actively engage with other members on our Clan Chat channel, and come to events whenever you can.

Any guests who wish to chat to us are welcome to do so. We also encourage non clan-members to attend any events they wish as well!

¤ Homeworld: 134 (P2P) & 11 (F2P)
¤ Clan Members: 400+
¤ Twitter: @LibraClan
¤ Clan Chat: Libra

Libra has...
- A tier 6 Clan Citadel, with 2 Clan Avatars!
- Dedicated and experienced leadership
- Merit based ranking system
- Regular clan-member polls to decide changes
- Friendly & Mature Atmosphere
- Fun Events
- Active Community
- Experienced players
- Active private clan forums
- More than 400 members

Events are run by our dedicated Events team. We aim to have a variety of events all around Gielinor. If you have any good ideas for new events, please let us know we will be happy to try and make them happen.

For more info click here.

» All game and forum rules apply.
» The clan chat and forum thread cannot be used for Jagex Moderator queries, please use the existing channels for this.
» Be friendly and tolerant at all times.
» Please use one line per sentence whilst talking in the clan chat.
» Keep use of the Quick Chat to a minimum as possible - suggested to only use whilst levelling (65+ skill level).
» Avoid buying/selling and flipping discussions in the clan chat. Please use the Grand Exchange or RuneScape Official Forums for that matter. However, exceptions can be made as long as you don't pester clan members or spam to buy or sell a particular item.
» Discussion of bots is not allowed; no matter what the context implies. Please use the report abuse option if you believe someone skilling around you is botting.
» Please avoid bringing arguments/disputes into the clan, you should try and resolve disputes in a mature manner outside of the CC.
» You may advertise your Twitch stream (or similar) in the chat, provided you adhere to game rules.

Mod Balance
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Mod Balance

Mod Balance

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Departments are there to ensure that the clan is structured in a way that it is running as effectively as possible. There are four departments in total; Public Relations, Recruitment, Events and Citadel.

Public Relations
Public Relations deal with external clan matters; promoting the clan via media and social networking sites, and the community section of Runescape’s official forums. In addition they can liaise with the Events Department to help maintain positive relations with the community and other clans.

The Recruitment Department deals with maintaining recruitment process and the ranking system. Other duties include hosting in-game recruitment events and thinking up additional methods of recruitment.

Events Department
The Events Department deals with running regular events for the clan and non-clan events aimed at promoting the clan in the community to help boost activity and recruitment. In addition they liaise with the PR Department to promote non-clan events and to host allied events.

Citadel Department
The Citadel Department deals with all tasks related to the weekly build tick, ensuring that enough people are visiting the citadel and gathering the required weekly resources. Other duties include organising citadel specific events.

Libra is always looking for individuals who want to help out the clan by offering their services to the clan departments!
Mod Balance
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Mod Balance

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Joining Us

To join Libra, all we ask is that you join our clan chat as a guest and get to know us. Once you, and the admin team feel comfortable we will be happy to extend an invitation to you.

We will always be looking to recruit!

Mod Balance
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One of the best clans I've ever been apart of, I would recommend this to anyone.
Active and vibrant community, full of great and friendly players.

Anyone, feel free to come an guest the Clan chat to find out more. :)

Balance - A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

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