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I would say the game is interesting enough as is, plenty of thousands of hours of content. I heard from a tweet that Mod Ash plans to add some minigame polls soon. Perhaps it is to address the dead content minigames or maybe it is to add a new minigame to the game.

I'm not too sure if the players would be in favor for adding RS3 content, but a minigame similar to FOG where you can train magic with free runes and having interesting mechanics would be cool.

Not to mention the item rewards for FOG would MOST DEFINITELY NOT be added to OSRS. This includes fishing and runecrafting gauntlets, increasing exp gained and belittling those who have already achieved 99 in these stats.

I am 100% sure that more minigames will be added to the game in the future. Just keep supporting what the community wants and eventually they may get around to (something close to) your request. :D

28-May-2019 21:55:46

Ravi sucks
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Ravi sucks

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They're polling warding soon. Don't solely bash risky drop tables and not the risk-free ones then wonder why the JGods shut your opinions out when analyzing why PvP polls never pass.

28-May-2019 22:33:30



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Goodness, I swear the V-word "Veteran" has been used like a whore in the brothel.
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29-May-2019 06:11:40



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Yes support

Has nothing to do with rs3 btw, it's old minigame that is dead content there currently.

Ez win if we poll this.

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