Ways to get 99 magic?

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I'm thinking about getting 99 magic, but some methods are really really expensive (like barraging and bursting). I have seen people using ice burst at bandits or pest control, while most people agree that those places aren't as ideal as other creatures.

I have heard a lot of methods like enchanting bolts or jewelry, but I'm not quite sure how should be done, if I need to craft the jewelry for it to be profitable, or which bolts are the best to level up without loosing much money or even making profit if possible.

I would also like to train crafting, so if any of this methods are better if I craft, then enchant, and make profit that would be perfect.

EDIT: I'm 75 magic and have ancients spellbook. Also, my Crafting level is 67 at the moment.

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Lava dragons aren't the fastest xp, but they're good money. You just gotta pay attention and be ready to hop if you see a pk f@g

If you would prefer less risk, blue dragons are pretty good money if you have the agility level (70) for the shortcut.

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cooke fletch

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One of the best ways I have found is to make tele tabs. Take soft clay, 5 gp per and the runes/staffs for what ever tele spell you want and to go Remington in world 330. Find who is doing a house party and go to his house. Look for a lectern that has the spell you want to make. There should be two, but they have different spells.

Tele tabs almost always make a profit so you aren't losing a lot of money.
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High alching - not terribly fast, and really tedious, but cheap. Can make some money depending on what you alch. Battlestaffs and dhide bodies (low buy limit though) are good.

Bursting - you can make a little money depending on what your are bursting.
Barraging - you can roughly break even depending on what you are barraging on.

Fire wave w/ tome of fire, occult, and staff of the dead or smoke staff. Kill pretty much anything that is weak to magic and has decent drops. This is MUCH higher xp than alching, and a good bit better than using a trident as well.

You may want to consider high alching while doing agility for a little while, then maybe using fire wave at somewhere like barrows to keep it interesting.

*edit: if you have a decent bank just burst / barrage.

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Hello, if you need advice training magic, that makes profit and is also AFK, i did 94-99 Plank making, amazing exp and good profit while training and you can bank stand it :):).Good luck on your grind to 99 Magic! :)

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