Giant dwarf quest is impossibl

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I found a really really really really bad guide and it told me how to start the quest and I went there and started it and then AFTER that he told us we need 90000000 different things to do the quest. So I used my teleport out and now there's no way back. I had to walk for like 20 minutes to get back to that entrance and there's no way there. I'm just trapped on the other side of it completely cut off. Impossible to reach.

09-Jul-2019 07:20:10

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Hello hashashin593

A few ways to get back to Keldagrim:
- Use a trapdoor in the northwest corner of Grand Exchange
- Minigame Teleport to Blast Furnace
- Going back to the cave east of Rellekka and speak to the Dwarf Boatman (not the Ferryman!)

09-Jul-2019 07:40:36

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