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Hi guys, just want to say im ready for the abuse that will follow my stupidity.

I made an obby pure and for some weeks now ive been painstakingly kicking the hell out of the same 2 rock crabs face over and over and over and over....

finally just about 10 minutes ago! 60 strenght! so i quickly went to the bank and got my zerk neck and obby maul. the slow training was finally over!!

i go back to be spot on waterbirth island, still warm from me getting 60 strenght. and BOOM!!!


so as you can tell im very annoyed with myself as i forgot/hardly new about the update which all new weapons are set to attack, several swearwords emerged which didnt go down well with the girlfriend or dog either as you can all imagine.

so my question to any j mod hopefully browsing the forums is, is there any way of getting skills reset? i know its my own fault for the mistake but its wasted a LOT of effort as i dont get to play much with work ect. also paying membership for an account im probably going to bin

thanks in advance

08-Jul-2019 20:44:58

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08-Jul-2019 21:01:02

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Sorry for what's happened to you... seems to be a pretty common thing (I've seen many posts describing exactly what you have) and I don't believe you 'deserve' anyone throwing a hissy (claiming it's your own fault).

But you should know, if you're not very familiar with forums.. it's pretty rare to see jmods here in old school general.. most peeps looking for jmods are told they're easier to find on reddit (I can't confirm that to be true, it's just what I see most often as a response to looking for jmods).

Idk about the gf but I bet the dog will forgive you for just a li'l bit of attention. =P

Gl if you decide to try again.
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" -Martin Luther King Jr.

08-Jul-2019 21:07:09

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