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I have come here to ask people what they think the rules should be about auto typing.

I host on world 330 and I am going to straight up admit because I have huge balls.. That my alts are using a 3rd party auto chatting tool, just like everyone else in 330.

There has been a lot of people spam constantly outside forcing me to spam back for competition, at this rate I have stoped spamming because people who I shall not name are still using two or more ads to advertise their houses using a 3rd party to..

If I use an uto typer on my main to stay logged in, is that aginst the rules..which people going to try expose me for and tbh, the person thats trying to expose me who begins with x also does this in the hosting community as well as using marrentil bots.

I honestly do not care if I get ban, I am just hosting a free service in 330 now and people getting mad cause I am taking all the pvm and pking traffic with one ad, learn to use one and stop causing 330 spam bois.

Listen jagex someone give us clear rules on what autotyping is allowed and what is not because if people can use 10 or more ads in 330 and not get ban or muted then..surley your allowing us to do it.

I want peoples opinions on this and a reply back from a jagex moderator to confirm what is allowed and what is not, and if it is not allowed why are people allowed 2 or more ads on 330 that are using 3rd party bots.

End of the day I just want the truth, I want to follow the rules as they are meant to be followed, so @mod wealth or someeone who deals with botting.. Tell me whats allowed and what is not because so far I have seen constantly spamming from many hosts and clans using 3rd party auto typees such as 07 altar, who are using 4 apis connected to their discord and they are not being ban at all.

What are peoples opinions on this, I would love for jagex to work on their ingame auto typer and I would love to see things fair, because right now its not.

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Pretty sure all cases are technically against the rules. Auto typing to stay logged in is definitely against the rules though and should lead to a perm ban. Whether they do it or not, who knows. Please remember that the forum is not for debating. It is for echoing views only. If you see someone opposing someone else's views, please report this so it can be dealt with.

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Well, if this is the case why is everyone allowrd to use macroing 3rd partys in world 330, because I reccently gone down to one spammer and other people are still using 2 or more and its becomming hard to have fun or gain traffic fairly.

Most of these hosts are doing it for cash and taffic and by me doing what I am doing is proving that, if jagex can ban me for admiting this.. Why can they not ban other mains for using macroing alts.

I just want responses from a jmod like mod wealth who specializes in this to either give a response or to just ban and mute all auto typers outside 330.. Because when i do play fair no one else does.

I have known many players who have stayed logged in using an auto typer and not one of them has been ban.

But thank you for the response if I am still not ban or other players are not, then I am sort of confused on the rules.

All I want is to play fair but how can i do that as a host when everyones using 3rd party spammers themself...

The whole point of advertising on 330 is to provide a service in order for players to use your house, then how the hell can we advertise if we are not allowed spam boys, kappa.

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The problem is in 330 everyone uses 3rd partys, this makes it impossible for me to host with out a 3rd party... If i use the built in chat no one would come to my house.. Which means I would be wasting my time. I have reported anf asked pmods to mute and nothing has happend.. I have had the same accounts ages auto typing and they never been ban.. So all this crap that they get ban is stupid but I bet they will have no issue banning me.[/quote]

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