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I'm significantly less enthused about the more recent dev blog for warding than when it was initially announced.

The original proposal had a few quirks and flaws, but it was an extremely focused proposal for a new skill. While many of the new rewards announced are necessary to flesh out the skill, many others are completely superfluous, nonsensical, or don't fit in with the skill at all.

Battle wards and conjuring (cough, summoning) in particular seem really out of place.
Mystic cocktails seem like something that belong in the prayer skill, and as a piece of content, are totally nonsensical. The splash damage is unnecessary, as most demons are larger creatures and you won't be pulling multiple at the same time (many are in single combat anyway). And the reduced accuracy means that the splash damage against non-demons is also useless.

I would rather Jagex have a unified vision in terms of content rather than try to shoehorn as much random ideas into a skill as they can. The same thing happened with sailing, where Jagex tried to shoehorn in a new gem tier. They then later shoved that new gem tier in with monkey madness 2.
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18-Apr-2019 19:46:50

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