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ree chris
Jul Member 2019

ree chris

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Hey so I sent in a ticket sometime in April about the attack style change (with different weapon types) and nobody has gotten back to me about my ticket. Is it too late for Jagex to do something about this?

31-May-2019 10:46:16

fmod Member


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Jagex reviewed all accounts that were submitted to them and adjusted stats accordingly for those who were affected by February’s bug and met their criteria. All who were affected and fixed received an inbox message.

If your stats were not changed and you have no inbox message, then it sounds like your account did not meet their criteria.

They are no longer providing that review service, it was a temporary thing only.

31-May-2019 12:30:36

NonMax Jake
Nov Member 2018

NonMax Jake

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Hopefully they fix it soon for you. Considering they are always helping out ironmen whenever there's a little inconvenience for them, I'm sure they'll fix it for you within a day or so! Please remember that the forum is not for debating. It is for echoing views only. If you see someone opposing someone else's views, please report this so it can be dealt with.

31-May-2019 14:10:37

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