Put my RS3 Acc on OSRS PLEASE

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Prodigy_Pro said:
So buying bonds don't exist on OSRS? Runescape evolved as a money making strategy... then all the buying came into play... and ALSO if you read my post.... I said that would pay to have nothing but my character transferred... stripped of all money and items.

that would make me start over... no money, no armour and no weapons....

You bash me for extending an offer if possible for paying to have an account transferred? one that I worked for? I spent hours on hours on hours working for? to then have it stripped and forced to evolve with runescape as it turned into rs3? who's really wrong here? me? for offering to pay to have what i spent so much time back? or to be forced to start over because its not fair to "new" players... or anybody who may would want to play osrs with their acc... why not let us pay for it?

you need to spend your time doing more useful things than searching threads to argue in.

You need to start from square one. However, you can buy bonds, sell for gp and buy leeching services in OSRS too. :)

11-Sep-2019 04:34:42

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