Pker with dmm/07 idea's

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Proximity os
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Proximity os

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I've been pking for the longest time ever since varrock multi spot was a thing. I have multi, singles & Deadman Mode experience, so lets get down to it. I want to just list my idea's freely with no judgement then small explanation. Constructive criticism with positive or negative is healthy in this discussion.

The vision is to rewrite ideas and then to be implemented then make pvp for enjoyable for everyone.

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Proximity os
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07 PVP

1)Increase GP Per Hour on all boss monsters
What the heck is the reason Chaos Elemental is only 200k per hour compared to Zulrah which is 1-2M per hour and its safe to do. Increase all boss monsters 1-2M per hour so pvm's will have more of a trill to go after boss monsters and pkers will have more people to hunt.

2)Increase GP Per Hour on regular monsters only on task
Please give a trill when doing some wilderness slayer. Great I get some slayer points but who really cares? GP from caskets and not just uncuts but rune items will make it worth our wild to get out there. Trust me pkers will be there to hunt.

3)No More Special Restore
This can be very contraversal because some got use to it or it will slow things down quiet a bit. I go out to KBD at 44 wilderness kill somone with my ags, loot and spec restore and it can be about 5 minutes later praying on helpless new pkers. Some raggers will be in PVP worlds and spec people to only go to their house's to get special attack and repeat until successful. This is just my opinion but it ruins the integrity of the game. Lets slow things down.

4)No More XP Drops
This has been on my mind for the longest time! If I see an 120xp + drop from a barrage im only gonna do one thing and stack the ags. Easy kill. What it would be like to pk without any xp drops?

5)Take out the damn ditch
Lets be real, where is the trill in the wild? A clear but noticeable line indicating the wilderness but don't prevent people from just running inside the wild. No more wall!
Just add warning in the beginning of the gaming start with tutorial island explain what happens in the wild. I really like this idea

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Proximity os
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Proximity os

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DeadMan Mode Seasonals

1)Increase drop rate 3X - 10X on low tier monsters and high tier monsters
Lets make Deadman mode fun. Low tier monsters should consistently drop items such as adamant as low as goblins and rare drops of rune items through our high tier monsters such as Bandos should drop more items consistently.

2)Larger Safe Zones In Current Cities & Add More Safe Zones
Add larger safe zones in current cities which are protected and have more cities to explore by adding safe zones to them. Canafis, Camelot and more.
Also i'd suggest adding an clear noticeable line where it identifies what separates safe zones from non safe zones.

3)For The New Players
I hate trying to attack a new player only to find out their under PVP protection. Lets right click the player so I can identify if they are under PVP protection and how long time is left.

4)No Exotic Weapons
Toxic Staff Of The Dead and so on but it is already implemented fairly in my opinion.

5)Increase XP Rates from 5XP - ???XP
Two great ways to go about this. I can not stand these small XP Rates. After work I only have enough time to cap out then go to bed. What fun.

30XP Rate - 75XP Rate
With an increase of XP to get right to the pking would be the best. But increase the xp cap from the 500k to 1M.
150XP rate - 300XP rate
The reason i'd suggest such a high XP Rate is to get some real gains but no cap. The point is the max out quickly and get into high lvl pking. Gains such as leveling up has always been the best thing in runescape. I think it would be fun.

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IF this is just for dmm worlds, I don't see a problem. Since they get wiped periodically, the build up of excess gps would not be a problem. The can happen in not dmm worlds though. Vote no to all pvm/pker updates to punish them for spite voting skills.

08-Jun-2019 21:21:23

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(1) No support. If you want more people in the wilderness, you need to attract more people to pvp. Bribing non PvPers into the wilderness to be your prey is weak and doesn't work long term, hence why there have been 2 or 3 attempts at this kind of "rejuvenation" and people still complain about the wilderness being dead just weeks later.... It simply doesn't work. It is cancerous and just increases the toxicity/spite between PvPers and the majority of the playerbase.

(2)see above

(3) Elaborate. Are you wanting *all* special restores such as rejuvination pool (82-83con) to be nerfed just to make pvp easier for you? Think about the 90% of players this would affect just to address one minor concern of yours.

(4) idc about this specifically but it would be nice if pvp was more accessible to people. There's another thread suggesting f keys are disabled on one world so people can't 1 tick gmaul and bang people out from full hp, which would be nice and oldschool and might actually help address the fact that there aren't enough genuine PvPers, rather than lure non PvPers to be bait.

(5) If it finally passes a poll, sure. If they just suggested making it toggleable somehow I don't think it would fail.

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