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Scammers use peoples greed against them, in effort to make a quick buck, people fall for scams (personally have not been lured in recent times but I have been scammed). Simply do not drop, trade or wander into wild ( even if you are only bringing 3 item), unless you are willing to loose. Do not try to anti-scam, the scammers sometimes set up there scams so it appears as if you have a chance. Do not give scammers your precious hard earn gp. Report them and move on.

14-Oct-2019 21:39:01

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Okay so this is a lure scam that has been happening recently. I have been at the Grand Exchange a lot lately skilling lately, and have noticed that players will drop a bunch of high-value rare looking items around the Grand Exchange leading you to the shortcut to Edgeville. The Item trail will continue out into the Wilderness where you will be met by a team of pkers ready to take your items that you may have not banked or are wearing. Beware of this scam anytime you see a drop leading to that shortcut be weary and don't hop the wilderness gap or you will potentially lose a lot of hard earned items, and Gp.

25-Oct-2019 18:28:14

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