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Sir Hanmer

Sir Hanmer

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I downloaded Runelite last night for the first time. Logged in on my pure to see if there was any assistance to f2p pking. Woke up this morning to a Perm Ban for Macroing Major and was told they have been monitoring my account for awhile. My f2p pure was created last week.

No one to communicate to. No one to help. No support. Thanks Jagex. Here's your membership back. Cheers.

08-Jun-2019 13:59:02

NonMax Jake
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NonMax Jake

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Magic level on your pure?

Also, doubt. Good luck. As long as you've never autoclicked, used AHK, or botted, you'll get your account reinstated. Contact Jagex (specific J Mods) on twitter.
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08-Jun-2019 14:12:05

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You can't be banned for using Runelite. You even said Jagex were watching you for a while so really speaking you answered your own question. Runelite did not cause the ban. You must have done something else to trigger it.

Nothing can be done about it via the Forums.

Also remember using ANY 3rd part programme is at your OWN risk.
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08-Jun-2019 15:16:28

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